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About Residence Life

Mission Statement

The Residence Life & Housing program will exist as an integral part of the educational program and academic
support services of Jefferson Community College. The mission of the office includes:

1. Providing reasonably priced living environments that are clean, attractive, well maintained,
comfortable, sustainable, and include contemporary safety features.
2. Ensuring orderly, effective administration of the program through effective and sound
3. Providing an environment that promotes learning and success. Programs and services will
be provided with an emphasis on academic support, diversity, community service, personal
development, and student success.

The Office of Residence Life & Housing at Jefferson supports the educational mission of the College by
providing a living and learning environment that is conducive to academic achievement and personal growth.
The program will engage in regular assessment of its services for continuous improvement of the residential
community and the residence hall facilities.

Community Standards in the Residence Halls

Living in the residence hall at Jefferson Community College means living in a community of students and
scholars. This community is a dynamic place, composed of various people with different values, cultures, life
styles, and attitudes. When a student signs his/her Housing Contract, he/she agrees to abide by the terms
and conditions in the contract, as well as to the community standards established in the residence areas.
Residence Life & Housing staff will work with students at the beginning of the semester and throughout the
year to develop and maintain a sense of community within each floor, suite and building. The Resident Bill of
Rights articulates some basic components of good relations between roommates, suitemates and hall mates.
It is recommended for roommates to sit down at the beginning of the year and discuss how each would like to
deal with issues such as personal property, cleaning responsibilities, study time, visits by friends, etc. These
practices will assist in developing a community in which we can best learn from one another in an atmosphere
of positive encouragement and mutual respect.


RIGHT: It is your right to socialize in your room and to live in a supportive and stimulating community.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to consider the needs of other residents and balance them with your own.

RIGHT: It is your right to live in a safe, secure, healthy, and clean environment.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to promote campus and individual safety and to care for the physical living environment.

RIGHT: It is your right to sleep and study without disturbance.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility not to disrupt other students and to politely let other residents know when they are disturbing you.

RIGHT: It is your right to enjoy access to a variety of programs, services and facilities.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to demonstrate a commitment to the community by getting involved.

RIGHT: It is your right to enjoy an educational, open, respectful, and responsible community.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to demonstrate dignity and respect for all individuals.

RIGHT: It is your right to expect that a roommate will respect one’s personal belongings and personal privacy.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to communicate effectively with your roommate.

RIGHT: It is your right to be free from intimidation, as well as physical and emotional harm.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility to treat others with RESPECT.

Housing Team

Director of Resident Life & Housing (DRL)

Responsible for all aspects of the residence life program at Jefferson Community College, the Director of Residence Life and Housing provides direction for staff training and student programming activities. Additional responsibilities also include housing management, housing appeals, the room selection process, budget oversight and program development.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

The Residence Life Coordinator assists the Director of Residence Life and Housing in supervising the residence hall. RLC office is located in the HUB on the first floor of East Hall. The RLC is a full-time professional staff member who resides in the building. The primary responsibilities include supervising Resident Assistants (RAs), planning and participating in residence hall programs, and the management of the residence halls. The RLC has posted office hours during the work day to respond to the needs of the residential students. The Residence Life Coordinator works with the student staff members and residents to establish and maintain a healthy and safe
community in the residence halls and are available in case of emergency.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Student staff members who live in the residence halls. As a member of the Office of Residence Life and Housing staff, one RA is assigned to each floor. RAs are selected on the basis of leadership and other personal qualities that enable them to assist residential students with concerns and everyday issues.

Front Desk Attendant (FDW)

Staff member on duty in the residence halls at the entrance desk. The FDW assists in maintaining a safe and comfortable residence hall environment in the evening and weekend hours /at the halls. The FDW is responsible for checking in each resident and their visitor(s) and/or guest(s) according to established procedures. The FDW may be asked to assist the Residence Life & Housing staff and Campus Safety &
Security in responding to emergency situations.

Administrative Assistant

Coordinates the daily activities in the office including answering questions, processing applications, and is most likely the first person to greet you in the Office for Student Affairs & Residence & Housing Life offices.

Facilities Maintenance

Responsible for cleaning the hallways, lounges and other public areas in the Residence Halls.  The Facilities Maintenance staff is not responsible for cleaning individual suites or student bedrooms.  As a member of the residence life community, everyone is responsible for keeping our community clean and in good condition.

Contact Numbers

Residence Life & Housing Office: 315-755-0411
Residence Life Coordinator: 315-755-0412
Campus Safety & Security: 315-786-2222 (immediate response) or 2222 from a campus phone

East Hall

East Hall consists of 294 beds located throughout two residential wings connected by the HUB common area. The living area features a combination of double bedrooms and single bedrooms in three spacious styles of suites or quads designed for 4, 5, and 6-persons. The suites are furnished with living room and bedroom furniture. Each floor within each building has a lounge, study room, vending area and laundry room.

Full-Time Status

Residents must be enrolled full-time each semester to reside in the residence halls. “Full-time” is defined as twelve (12) credit hours or more that includes hours adjusted during the drop-add period. If a resident falls below the credit hour requirement, they may be removed from the residence halls.

It is strongly recommended that residents enroll for a minimum 15 credit hour load. This would provide a safeguard so that a resident does not fall below full-time status (12 credit hours), if a schedule is adjusted.

There are a number of ways a resident can drop below full time:

  • Drop/Add
  • Withdraw
  • Faculty member can withdraw a student

A resident should not fall below twelve (12) credits without prior approval of the Office of Student Life or designee. Residents are encouraged to respond to all notices regarding registration status. Failure to respond will result in denied or limited access to the residence halls or removal from the residence halls.

Students enrolled full-time with the academic institution’s partners pursuing bachelor’s and advanced degree programs are eligible for student housing. For more information, contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing at 315-755-0411.

Suite Agreements

The Residence Life & Housing staff will assist residents with establishing community living standards within their suites by conducting suite agreement meetings as necessary. Failure to comply with the agreement may result in further documentation and a possible conduct violation.

Mandatory Hall/Floor Meetings

During the semester, certain floor and hall meetings  will be designated as “mandatory” by the Residence Life and Housing staff. Residents must attend mandatory hall/floor meetings with their Resident Assistant and/or Residence Life Coordinator. Failure to attend these meetings could result in missing out on valuable information and it will be the responsibility of the resident to get the information. Residents will be held accountable for any information disseminated. Many meetings are not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended that residents attend all meetings on their floor and for the hall so that they are aware of all information that is being provided for their benefit.



Residence Life Office
East Hall, building 14
(315) 755-0411