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General Information

Cable Television Service

Basic cable service is provided free of charge in each residential bedroom as well as in the suite living room. Problems with cable service should be reported directly to the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Lounges & Study Rooms

Each residence hall wing has an open lounge located on each floor of the building intended for quiet conversation and relaxation.  Each lounge includes comfortable furniture and is for the use of the residents and accompanied guests in that building.  In addition, each wing has a Study Room exclusively for academic purposes.  The East Hall HUB has a large common area, classrooms, a multipurpose room and a tech nook.  Removal of common room furniture is prohibited and will result in student conduct action. Sleeping in the lounges is prohibited. Programs and events planned in the common rooms must be approved and registered with the Office of Residence Life & Housing.  These events will be given priority over other daily activities.

Institutional Technology (IT) Services

The department of Institutional Technology provides a wired telephone in each suite as well as emergency telephones located in the foyer of the HUB. Additionally, the technology in the two residence hall classrooms and computer nook are provided by the College. Students are provided a network ID and password for access to Jefferson’s web applications through myJCC (the portal to CannonMail, Brightspace for your courses, SOAR, and the library databases.)  In addition, that same network ID and password will allow students to log on to the computers in all computer classrooms, the Library, and the open lab (Jules Center, Room 6-204) and the JCC student wireless network throughout the campus.  JCC wireless public access locations are available in the Residence Hall Hub, and in most areas across campus. External wireless routers are not permitted in the Residence Hall or on campus without written permission from the Chief Information Officer. 

For questions or problems with the telephone, logging into or using College applications, or using wireless in the classrooms, students can contact the JCC Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 
315-786-6511, or via email at

JCC IT Office Hours for Walk-In Assistance
Monday - Thursday  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

High Speed Internet (ResLife Net)

High speed wireless internet service for Residence Hall students is provided free of charge by Spectrum.  This service is available throughout the residence hall.  This service is only available in the Residence Hall and does not extend onto the campus.  This service also provides dedicated wireless with greater speeds 24/7 for Residence Hall students.  Residence Hall students may connect a telephone, computer, tablet and most any other WIFI device to this network.  For assistance connecting to the ResLife Net wireless network, contact the Spectrum 24hr support Team at 1-866-536-7676.

Problems with the wireless internet service in the suites or when using ResLife Net anywhere in the Residence Hall should be reported to the Spectrum 24hr support team at 1-877-253-7323.  When reporting an issue with the wireless internet service you should have the information on your Service Card in your rooms ready for the technician to be able to serve you.  The ResLife Net wireless network is not supported by the college IT team.

ResLife Net services are not part of the JCC wireless network. Some services available on the JCC wireless network will not be available on the ResLife Net wireless.

NOTE:  Due to the varied level of available cellular services throughout the Residence Hall, it is recommended that students connect phones to the ResLife Net wireless network for optimal performance of smartphones.



Residents who order packages from off-campus must provide the vendor with their room number for reference purposes and a contact telephone number. The vendor will then call the resident when they arrive at East Hall. It is the resident’s responsibility to meet the delivery person in the HUB (first floor lobby) to pick up and pay for the delivered items. Packages delivered to East Hall can be retrieved at the front desk during regular business hours throughout the week. Residents must retrieve all food deliveries at the front desk at all times throughout the academic year. No delivery person will be allowed to enter the living areas in the residence halls. 

Heating and Air Conditioning

For best heating results, do not block air vents and keep all windows closed. In the summer, air conditioning will not work properly unless the windows are closed. Cooperation from the student residents in helping to conserve energy is appreciated. If there are questions about heating/air units, please contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing. 


Washers and dryers are located on each floor of each residential wing.  A laundry fee is included in the residence hall charges, so there is no student cost per load. Please report any problems with the washers and dryers to the Office of Residence Life & Housing at 315-755-0411. The Faculty Student Association is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left unattended in the laundry room.  Non-resident usage of the washers and dryers is prohibited.  

Mail Service

Each resident is assigned a mailbox and receives a mailbox key upon check-in. Mail is delivered daily, with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays, federal holidays and during breaks when the residence halls are closed.  Mail takes up to two days to arrive in residence hall mailboxes once it has arrived on campus. There will be limited mail service during Intersession. Stamps may be purchased at the bookstore. If there are any questions concerning mail delivery or if your mail key is lost/stolen, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing. When a resident receives a package, the resident will receive e-mail notification or a slip will be placed in the resident’s mailbox, and residents will be able to retrieve their mail during posted pick up hours. At no time can student mail be retrieved from the mailroom.  Mail will not be forwarded over College breaks or beyond July 1 following the close of the academic year.

The correct mailing address for residents is: 

775 Rand Drive
East Hall, Room XXX
Watertown, NY 13601

Every resident is responsible for checking their on-campus mailbox daily. Important, dated intercampus
mail will be sent to residents via resident mailboxes. All keys must be returned to the Office of Residence
Life and Housing before leaving school or a $75 lost key replacement charge will be assessed to the resident’s
account. Please complete the U.S. Post Office Mail Forwarding Form online before departing from the residence halls. All mail received after a residence hall student checks out of East Hall will be marked return to sender.


All residence hall units are provided with one (1) campus telephone.  To call any on-campus number, simply dial the last 4 digits of the telephone number. To call an off-campus number, dial 8 and then the seven digit number.  To place a call outside the 315 area code, dial 9, then dial 1, then the area code and seven digit number.  To call Campus Safety & Security, residence hall students in East Hall need to dial 2222.

NOTE:  International calling is not enabled on our campus Residence Hall telephones.  Nationwide Long-distance is available at no charge to our students.

Trash & Recycling

Students are required to place all trash in the college provided trash receptacles.  JCC staff will remove trash according to the building cleaning schedule.  Recycling bins are available in close proximity to the residence halls for the collection of paper, plastic, glass and metals.  Details are provided and posted on each container. Trash room receptacles are not permitted at any time in Residence Hall rooms.



Vending machines are conveniently located in the HUB. A selection of snack items and cold drinks are available 24 hours a day in these machines.  If a machine is broken or fails to dispense a product, please complete a service or refund request with the Faculty Student Association (FSA) office in the Bookstore.  Be as specific as possible about which machine is not working and about the nature of the problem.  Students can use Cannon Cash for all East Hall Vending Machines. For more information on Cannon Cash, go to the Faculty Student Association Website at:

Meal Options 

Jefferson Community College residents are required to purchase a meal plan to live in the residence halls. Residents can refer to the Faculty Student Association web page for updates and information regarding meal options:


All Jefferson Community College Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations are in effect and applicable for on-campus residents and visitors.  Violators may be ticketed/towed at the owner’s/operator’s expense if cars are parked illegally or out of compliance with College rules.  Residence hall parking permits must be obtained in person from the Office of Campus Safety & Security (Deans Collaborative Learning Center/ Room 15-140B). If a parking permit is lost, resident students should go to the Office of Campus Safety & Security for assistance.

Each resident will be permitted to register one vehicle. East Hall parking is restricted to designated parking lots. From 5:00 p.m. until midnight, residents may park in other parking lots on campus with a valid parking permit.  Failure to abide by residence parking policy may result in the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s/operator’s expense.  Residents may be asked to move their vehicles to allow for the clearing of parking lots during snow removal operations.  Non-college community members visiting campus may obtain a visitor parking pass and park in designated open lots. Visitor parking passes must be obtained by a residence hall student with the Office of Campus Safety & Security, at the East Hall Front Desk, or on the JCC portal.

Pest Control

Please notify a Residence Life & Housing staff member if there is any problem with insects or rodents in a room or suite. Residents do not have to be present, but make sure an accurate description of the problem is given. All non-perishable food should be stored in airtight containers and be well-wrapped. No food is to be placed on window sills. Food must be properly stored or discarded during vacations. If pest control is contacted for an issue that a student is responsible for, all costs may be passed on to that student or all students within the suite.


On campus, residents have access to numerous clubs and outdoor activities, the fitness center, gymnasium, intramurals program and campus trails for walking, jogging or cross-country skiing.  For additional information, visit Jefferson’s online events calendar at or call the Athletics office at 315-786-2232 or Student Activities & Inclusion Center at 315-786-2431.  Off campus, the Watertown, Thousand Islands region and nearby Adirondack Park provides ample opportunity for activity year round.  

Maintenance Problems

If any Faculty Student Association, Inc. property in a room/suite needs repair, residents must visit the JCC Portal to submit a work order online. Residents failing to report maintenance problems could be held responsible for any resulting damages. All repairs must be done by authorized college personnel only. Any unauthorized repairs may result in judicial action. If the request has not been completed within five (5) working days, or if you are unable to log into the website, or access the portal, please notify the Office of 
Residence Life and Housing at 315-755-0411 or your Resident Assistant.  For all after-hours maintenance-related emergencies, contact Campus Safety and Security at 2222 or 315-786-2222. All maintenance requests will be addressed as soon as possible; higher priority is given to more severe repairs.