Early Start for High School Students
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Early Start for High School Students

Ready to begin college now

Early admission to Jefferson allows high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college courses and earn college credit while in high school. You may take college courses online or on Jefferson Community College’s campus, typically in the evening or during the summer session. Placement testing is required for most. Unfortunately, if you are an Early Admit that attends part-time, you are not eligible for financial aid.

How to start

You may enroll in college coursework based on your academic preparation, recommendation from you high school representative, and approval from your parents. You should discuss the various educational opportunities with your school counselor and parents in order to determine which approach will best meet their educational objectives.

Campus-based coursework

If you are a senior, you may enroll in on-campus classes for dual credit (to fulfill high school graduation requirements and get college credit) or educational enrichment. You must complete the application process and meet any course pre-requisites.

Application process

The Early Admission application must be completed and signed by the student, parent or guardian, and a high school representative. You must submit a current high school transcript along with the application.

Our Admissions staff will review each application and determine placement testing, and schedule an appointment to discuss the student's plans.

Once the application is approved, new student advising will schedule a registration meeting.

Students under the age of compulsory education

The Early Admission program is designed for high school seniors and select juniors. Students below the compulsory school age will be subject to a separate policy.

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