Microcredential FAQ
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Microcredential FAQ

  1. How can I register or learn more about microcredentials?
    Microcredential Student Registration/Info Form
    Schedule an appointment with JCC’s admissions team: https://apply.sunyjefferson.edu/portal/virtualmeetings
    Email: admissions@sunyjefferson.edu
    Call: 315-786-2437

  2. What are microcredentials?
    Microcredentials are qualifications focused on specific industries and achievable in a short amount of time (in as-little-as 15 weeks). They are typically packages of 3 or 4 industry-focused college-credit bearing courses. Microcredentials demonstrate competency, proof of staying current in one’s field, and boosts skills and resumes.

  3. Who can get a microcredential?
    - Working professionals who want to upskill or seeking a career change/advancement
    - Alumni for professional development, career change/advancement or explore a new area
    - A microcredential can also be a way for a student to discover if college is a good fit before committing to a     degree path.     

  4. How long does it take to complete a microcredential?
    Microcredentials can be completed in as-little-as 15-weeks.

  5. Who teaches microcredentials?
    JCC faculty.

  6. How much do microcredentials cost?
    The cost of a microcredential is based on the number of credit hours. Fees apply. Visit the College website for more information.

  7. Can I use financial aid?
    Yes. Students are urged to work with the JCC admissions staff to ensure the proper steps are taken to apply for financial aid.

  8. Does JCC accept employer tuition reimbursement?
     Yes, after you register for classes, your employer can pay the college directly by check, cash, or card. For more information, contact financialservices@sunyjefferson.edu.

  9. What microcredentials can I get from JCC?
    Healthcare FIeld
    Healthcare Management I
    Healthcare Management II
    Direct Support Professional I

    Business Field
    Business Leadership
    Non-profit Leadership
    Fundamentals of Effective Communication

    Hospitality and Tourism Field
    Agribusiness and Hospitality (Value Added Food Processing)
    Kitchen Basics

    Technology FIeld
    Software Development

  10. How many courses do I need to take to complete a microcredential?
    Typically 3

  11. When can I start a microcredential?
    (Fall 2022) Classes begin August 29, 2022

  12. Will I have access to the same student support services as full-time JCC students?

  13. Will I receive a diploma when I complete a microcredential?
    No. Students will receive a transcript and a digital badge to include on their resume, electronic portfolio and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

  14. If I decide to get my college degree or certificate, will my credits transfer?
    Yes depending on what degree or certificate program you choose.